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NFL Championship Game Ticket Drawing Winners

Our 2014 Winner
2014 Raffle Winner

"I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to David Kline and the Rotary Club of Indian Rocks Beach. As the Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Super Bowl Raffle, I am truly grateful for winning the trip to Phoenix. Although my Indianapolis Colts did not make it this year to the "Big Game," this year's Super Bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks was one of the most exciting and memorable ever!
The whole trip was amazing and a once in a lifetime experience. My friend and I left snowy New Jersey and arrived in Phoenix Thursday night before the game. Although there was a slight drizzle Friday and Saturday, the more comfortable temperature was welcome.
We spent two days in downtown Phoenix and enjoyed all of the free NFL festivities that were part of Super Bowl Central including free street games, musical bands and the area restaurants and bars. We also purchased tickets to the "NFL Experience" at the Phoenix Convention Center where we had our picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy. There were many NFL displays, a film about Super Bowls past and the NFL Shop in which to purchase souvenirs.
On Super Bowl Sunday the weather was perfect. We had so much fun at the game from the national anthem sung by Idina Menzel to the Thunderbirds flying overhead as the Star Spangled Banner concluded. The halftime show by Katy Perry was spectacular as she entered the stadium on a giant lion singing her famous song, "Roar," as was her exit on a flaming comet zooming across the field.
The whole stadium was rocking as the game concluded in one of the most exciting finishes in Super Bowl history. As a football fan, I could not have witnessed a better game! Also, watching the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy was a fitting end to the festivities.

I was able to extend our trip two more days beyond the Super Bowl. As a result, we took advantage of the great weather and used the extra days taking a Hot Air Balloon ride and a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Both were breathtaking experiences! Alas, we headed back to New Jersey where people were still digging out of a new snow storm.
I want to thank the Rotary Club once again for giving me and my friend the opportunity to enjoy such a remarkable event. When I purchased four raffle tickets in support of my nephew's Red Dragons soccer team I did not even imagine winning the Grand Prize.
Please accept this modest check [$100] to aide your fine charitable works especially those in support of feeding the hungry, educating our children and helping those in need in order to make this world a better place. "

James V. Santulli

Our 2013 Winner
2013 Raffle Winner
Dana and Jared Morris of Ocean NJ

Dana purchased the winning ticket from our Rotary partner e-club from District 7500.

Dana and Jared are huge fans of the Giants and football in general and are extremely excited to be going to the Big Game. They have always wanted to attend but until now, never had the good fortune to be able to make the trip. We congratulate Dana and Jared and sincerely hope they have the time of their lives at one of the sports world's biggest events.

Dana and Jared---enjoy your trip!!

Our 2012 Winner
2012 Raffle Winner
Karslee Stiles and her husband Randy, from Parish, FL

Our 2011 Winner
Mike Washington
Mike Washington

Our 2010 Winner
Our 2010 Winner
Alice Gospodinovich, Tampa, FL

Our 2009 Winner
2009 Drawing Winner
Rufus Randolph, Tampa, FL

Our 2008 Winner
2008 Drawing Winner
Frank Hartzell (l) and Dave Kline (r)
with Emily, our ticket drawperson

Our 2007 Winner
Our 2007 Winner
Scott Grutchfield (l) and Dave Kline (r)

Our 2006 Winner
2006 Raffle Winner
Bill Atkinson presents Stephanie Riggins with her check

Our 2005 Winner
2005 Drawing Winner with Dave Kline
Julio Perla (L), Tampa, with Dave Kline (R) our Ticket Committee Chairman
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